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There’s No Debate Over What Time Is Breakfast….

The candidates held a debate last night but the debate never ends about what to order for breakfast. Since it’s available all day long, you can have breakfast for lunch, breakfast for a snack, or breakfast for dinner. We’re here today until 7:30pm. See you soon…. ;})

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Roast Beef Wednesday

It’s Roast Beef Wednesday, as in Pot-Roast-Style, with Dressing or Mashed Potatoes, Mike’s Homemade Bread, and unlimited Salad OR Soup Bar. Or, we serve breakfast all day long. See you soon….    

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Robie The Robot


Robie gets hungry. Let your kids feed him coins. ;})

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Mike’s Daily Specials This Week, October 17-22


Mike’s Daily Specials this week have good American comfort food. Remember that our fresh, homemade bread along with Soup OR Salad Bar is included. M: Hot Chicken Sandwich with Mashed Potatoes & Gravy T: Cheesey Au Gratin Potatoes with your choice of Ham or Cod W: Pot Roast Style Roast Beef with either Dressing or …

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Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Combo Meal Deals This Week, October 17-22

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How To Sign Up For Our Email Distribution List


Join our email distribution list to be notified of our monthly specials calendar and weekly combo meal deals. It’s easy. Send an email with “subscribe” in the subject line to:┬áinfo@MikesVillageRestaurant.com

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Saturday mornings are made for eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, pancakes, hash browns, coffee, and doughnuts!. All hot and freshly prepared for you….

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Jambalaya Soup Today!


Shelly our cook has prepared Jambalaya soup as well as Spaghetti soup to go with our normal variety. If you’ve ever wanted to try a cajun/creole flavored soup, stop on by today. We’re open until 9pm

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Your choice today to kick off the weekend with either Fish or Chicken.

Your choice today to kick off the weekend with either Fish or Chicken. Both served with Mashed Potatoes & Gravy or French Fries, All-You-Can-Eat Soup OR Salad Bar, and our Homemade Bread. It’s Fish Fry Friday and we have 5 different kinds of fish to pick from: Catfish, Cod, Perch, Pollack, & Smelt or Chicken …

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It’s Not Friday The 13th!!!

It’s Thursday the 13th (not Friday the 13th!). Your choice with today’s special of either Tacos or Spaghetti with Homemade Meatballs & Grilled Garlic Toast.

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