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Combo Meal Deals July 25-30

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Saturday mornings with cartoons, reading the breakfast cereal box, and doughnuts….

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Your Choice Today Of Fish Or Chicken:

Your choice today of Fish or Chicken: All served with Mashed Potatoes & Gravy or French Fries, All-You-Can-Eat Soup OR Salad Bar, and your choice of flavor of our Homemade Bread. Full order or mini/half orders It’s Fish Fry Friday and we have 5 different kinds of fish to pick from: Catfish Cod Perch Pollack …

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We Offer Breakfast Combo Meals All Day Long!

Breakfast Sandwich on a bun

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“Buffalo” Filmmakers Featured at “Lansing Storytellers Project”

IMG_20160719_190030 (1)

The “Lansing Storytellers Project” featured Michael McCallum and William McCallum last night. They are the filmmakers and actors of the movie, “Buffalo” which was filmed at Mike’s Village Restaurant. We sell the audio CD and DVD of that movie.

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Doughnut, Bread, or Pie?

When it’s hot outside, a beverage with our freshly prepared, homemade food (say a doughnut, bread, or a slice of pie) just hits the spot  

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Today is a great day for a Soup and Sandwich Combo Meal deal!

Soup and Sandwich resized

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Daily Specials this week, July 18-23:

Mon: Hot Prime Rib Sandwich with Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Tue: Macaroni & Cheese with either Ham or Polish Sausage Wed: Pot Roast Style Roast Beef with Dressing or Mashed Potatoes Thu: Tacos or American Goulash with Melted Mozzarella Cheese Fri: Baked Chicken with Dressing or Mashed Potatoes, or Fish Fry Friday Sat: Grilled Pork …

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Combo Meals this week, July 18-23

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Saturdays are a perfect time for doughnuts.


Saturdays are a perfect time for doughnuts.   Don’t forget to end the week in style with our Oak Harbor Prime Rib Roast or Half Chicken with Baked Potato or Hash Browns.

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